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Boarding Schools Experts

Attending a boarding school usually confers benefits in academic, character, psychological, and overall development. For this reason, a significant percentage of the premier schools and colleges offer boarding facilities to students. Deciding on a boarding school can sometimes be a daunting challenge for parents. This is where we come in; We are the Boarding Schools Experts!

A one-stop-shop for helping parents discover their dream boarding schools around the world for their children and wards. We pride ourselves on our partnerships with some of the top-rated boarding schools in countries around the world. Our partners include some of the premier schools in the world, are well-positioned to bring out the best in academics and overall character development in their students.

We believe that every child has potential and hidden talents; one of the primary focuses of our partners is to ensure that these children reach their full academic potentials and discover their hidden talents and skills. Our mandate, therefore, is to link parents up with these institutions in a stress-free way, and pocket-friendly manner too. We hold the keys to your wards’ academic success!

Come on board; let us take you on a tour of the world’s premier boarding schools.

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What You Get

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Top Boarding Schools

Placement into top boarding schools.

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Educational Consultancy

Consulting for schools looking to expanding their reach in Sub-Sahara region.

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Documents Processing

Admission and travel documents processing for applicants.

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Post-Admission Support

Family and students support during studies. Monitoring academic process and giving advicesand feedbacks where necessary.